Our Mission

Our mission is to heal people from the inside out using cutting edge science and their own body's natural systems. We endeavor to reverse the exponential growth in adult and childhood chronic disease and mental illness through targeted therapies and common sense nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Our Story

After two years of Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer (right) and Amber Ratcliffe (left) working together to heal Amber's children through Functional Medicine, the idea for Arbor Health was born.

Dr. Zendi had amazing insights and information during their visits together, but Amber found herself doing hours of research in between visits to figure out how to implement all of Dr. Zendi’s recommendations – from how to get her very picky kids to go gluten free/dairy free to how to get them to take a variety of supplements and make important lifestyle changes.

Amber was also using Functional Medicine to heal herself and had the same experience. To truly reverse chronic health issues for both kids and adults, they found more education, more coaching, and more collaboration was needed between visits - they needed a team approach.

Dr. Zendi and Amber founded Arbor Health but have since been joined by an amazing group of talented and passionate Functional Medicine providers, clinical health coaches, and support staff that help bring it all together. We are on an exciting adventure building a new model for healthcare - we are excited to have you join us and see what is possible!

Is Functional Medicine Right for You?

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