Our Mission

Our mission is to heal people from the inside out using their own body's natural systems. We endeaver to reverse the exponential growth in childhood chronic disease and mental illness through targeted therapy and common sense nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Arbor Health grew out of an idea for a new model of care that can help far more people than the traditional model of seeing one patient at a time. In order to better serve patients and their families, more education, more coaching, and more collaboration is needed. Functional Medicine isn't something that works overnight - it takes time to unravel the damage caused by years of toxin exposure, chronic infections, and nutritional deficiencies.

After working together to heal Amber's children, the idea for Arbor Health was born. In early 2019, Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer and Amber Ratcliffe teamed up to create a new program that will be launching soon. Dr. Zendi is the clinical powerhouse and Amber has years of experience building systems, products and services that patients love. We are on an exciting adventure building a new model for healthcare - we are excited to have you join us and see what is possible!



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