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Pediatric & Adult Care

We treat a wide variety of pediatric and adult mental health and chronic conditions related to the gut, brain, hormonal systems, and chronic infection using the principles of Functional Medicine - here are some of the most common.

ADHD & Learning

Anxiety & Depression

Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

Gut & Digestive Issues


Hormonal Imbalances



What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a new specialty that focuses on how your body's systems work together as a whole. Symptoms can come from many root causes, and root causes can cause many symptoms. It is our job to get to the bottom of what ails you and to fix it once and for all.

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Feeling Tired, Wired, Foggy & Fat?

Adrenals, Thyroid, and out of balance Sex Hormones could be sabotaging you and keeping you from living your best life. You can truly have vibrant health. Let us show you how in our Blog.

"Dr. Zendi saved my son's life. My family is honest and truly indebted to her and her services. She was supportive, an excellent listener and provided much needed care. There is not one negative aspect to her service except I wish we could see her more!"

September 2019

"The last few months have been a great journey. Karin has helped me reprogram my beliefs about health from my first 30 years of life. Justine is just so smart and caring. She finally has me on a path to balanced hormones and feeling so much better."

November 2020

"Zendi is amazing! She brings not only support for natural health but also makes it a priority to make sure that her clients are well informed and understanding of any diagnosis and plans to heal. She really takes the time to understand what is going on in a person to solve the problem and not just diminish the symptoms."

April 2019

"Dr. Zendi - thank you! Why can't more medical professionals be like you? I learned so much, just from the first visit. Your patience was remarkable - and your explanations were slow and clear. For the first time...our daughter, felt like she might actually get the help that she has been seeking for a long time. She (and we) came away from the initial office visit feeling very optimistic."

September 2019

"I love the team approach. This practice has changed my life drastically already, and I have only been here for about a month and a half. So extremely thankful for all you do Lori, Justine and Pam :) "

March 2020

"An absolutely amazing place where you are truly heard and treated as a valuable member of the team. "

May 2020

More Than a Quick Checkup & Prescription

During your first appointment with us, you’ll meet with your Arbor Health care team for 90 minutes—that’s 5x the length of a typical doctor visit.

Listen to Dr. Zendi's Podcast

Dr. Matt Driscoll and his guest Dr. Zendi Moldenhauer discussed ADHD and how to treat it with Functional Medicine.

How Functional Medicine is Different

Whole Person

There are a lot of things that tie into your life and impact your health. We discover the root of your symptoms by looking at factors such as nutrition, lifestyle & stressors, medical & social history, genetics, and comprehensive biomarker test results.

Advanced Medicine

As Functional Medicine experts, we are specially trained to perform advanced biomarker testing to uncover how your body's systems are performing. Using the latest evidence-based research in nutrition, toxins, inflammation, chronic infection, and stress, we seek to uncover the root cause of your symptoms through your unique biomarker profile. With your profile in hand, we use conventional and holistic medicine techniques to get your systems back on track so your symptoms resolve from within. 

Personalized Plan

Each care plan is tailored to your specific diagnosis and health goals. Your plan may include prescriptions, supplements, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, stress-management techniques and other complementary therapies. 

Collaborative Care

Your clinician and personal health coach are invested in your success. Making significant diet and lifestyle changes can be overwhelming without support & tools. Our coaches break it down to simple, small achievable steps. With frequent check-ins and unlimited messaging through our portal, you can always get the answers and guidance that you need to meet your goals.

Community Approach

Too often families struggling with chronic health concerns can become isolated and feel like they are the only ones struggling with these issues. No more. Connect, learn, and find community with a peer group of like-minded people on a journey to vibrant health. 

Real Results

We like to start with the end in mind. Where do you want to be at the end of your health journey? We track your progress towards health goals all along the way to make sure we not only meet, but exceed them.

Is Functional Medicine Right for You?

Schedule a free 20 minute consultation with our clinical coordinator to determine if you are a good fit for our practice.

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